Brake Warning Light


You probably know that when you see the BRAKE light illuminated in the instrument panel it means the parking brake is applied.


Be aware that it also illuminates when: 

  • The fluid level drops to near the MIN level in the brake fluid reservoir
  • A malfunction occurs in the Electronic Brake-force Distribution system (in conjunction with the ABS warning light)
  • Pressure between the dual brake systems goes out of balance, which is an indication of a leak in one of the systems


In any of these cases, vehicle operation is dangerous. Pull over and check the systems as directed in your vehicle's Owner's Manual. If necessary, have your vehicle towed to the nearest Subaru dealer for repair.



Five Things to Remember When Driving in Winter Weather


1 Prepare for the season

  • Inspect your vehicle (battery, electrical system, belts, hoses, tire tread)
  • Replace all wipers
  • Fill washer fluid reservoir
  • Carry scraper and brush
  • Carry emergency kit


2 Prepare for each outing

  • Clear off snow
  • Scrape the windshield
  • Loosen wiper blades from the windshield surface
  • Clear off the washer nozzles
  • Adjust mirrors


3 Watch your tires

  • Check air pressure regularly and often, maintaining the pressures recommended in your Owner's Manual and on the placard located on the B-pillar
  • Install winter tires


4 Check underhood fluid levels, including:

  • Oil
  • Coolant
  • Transmission
  • Brake


5 Drive carefully

  • Allow extra time for slippery roads
  • Exercise caution
  • Drive smoothly


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