A Flap Over Outback


I've owned five Subaru vehicles during the past 30 years, and each one has been ideal for driving from Delaware to upstate New York and Canada annually for cross-country ski trips.


This photo was taken last winter in Canada. The Outback logo is perfectly legible in the snow that fell off the mud flap one morning.


Most of our ski group buddies drive Subaru Outbacks or Foresters. It looks like a Subaru convention when we show up!


~ Anne Langsdorf, Middletown, DE




More on Backpacks Against Hunger


An owner (Thomas Carrigan) called and stated that when he was at his dealership, Subaru of Loveland, he picked up a copy of Fall 2010 Drive magazine. On page 30 there was an article about Backpacks Against Hunger. Mr. Carrigan told me that he is the co-chair of the Backpacks Against Hunger Program in Loveland, Colorado. He just purchased a 2011 Outback and fills his vehicle with the food to assist in this cause.


~ Jeremy Samuelson, Customer/Dealer Services, Subaru of America


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