An array of Genuine Subaru Accessories is already available for the 2012 Impreza. These products were developed and tested to the same standards that Subaru requires for its vehicles and original-equipment features.


Accessories testing: For more on the testing that Subaru and its vendors perform to ensure quality and safety,
read the article on the Rear Seat DVD Entertainment System.




Accessories for the 2012 Impreza


10-inch Powered Subwoofer.
Manufactured for Subaru of America
by Kicker®.

Tweeter Kit. Manufactured for
Subaru by Kicker.

Upgraded Speakers. Manufactured for
Subaru by Kicker.

  Side Sill Plates. Set of four.

Rear Seatback Protector

Here are additional details about some of the 2012 Impreza Genuine Subaru Accessories.


  • 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer: The subwoofer provides powerful, deep bass. It also assists in clean sound reproduction from all vehicle speakers, which is achieved by its integrated 100-watt amplifier and a passive crossover network. The self-contained unit mounts in the trunk of Sedan models and behind the rear seat in 5-Door models. Massive motor structure gives the subwoofer ultimate power handling, high efficiency, and premium performance. Extended Voice Coil (EVC™) technology provides high excursion and superior bass response. Tapered curvilinear polymer cone with Santoprene® surround offers smooth transition from mid to high frequencies for accurate reproduction of the complete audio bandwidth. (See article about this accessory in Summer 2011 Drive.) (H630SFJ200 – 4-Door without NAVI, H630SFJ300 – 4-Door with NAVI, H530SFJ000 – 5-Door without NAVI, H630SFJ100 – 5-Door with NAVI)

  • Tweeter Kit: Tweeter speakers help to enhance high-frequency response. Calibrated 22mm Titanium-dome tweeters with phase alignment reveal every musical detail. (H635SFJ100)

  • Upgraded Speakers: Replacement speakers result in enhanced sound clarity and high-end definition. (H635SFJ000)

  • Rear Bumper Appliqué: Clear, scratch-resistant vinyl film helps to protect bumper upper surface and leading edge. Included on the appliqué is a discrete pearl-colored Subaru logo. (E771SFJ500 – 5-Door, E771SFJ600 – 4-Door)

  • Trunk Spoiler: This spoiler adds a performance look to the Impreza Sedan. The spoiler is pre-painted and features an integrated LED brake light. (E721SFJ000RE – Camellia Red Pearl, E721SFJ000EN – Dark Gray Metallic, E721SFJ000U7 – Deep Cherry Pearl, E721SFJ000TQ – Ice Silver Metallic, E721SFJ000B7 – Marine Blue Pearl, E721SFJ000VW – Obsidian Black Pearl, E721SFJ000WU – Satin White Pearl, E721SFJ000D7 – Sky Blue Metallic)

  • Roof Spoiler: This accessory adds a sporty touch to your Impreza 5-Door. (E7210FJ600RE – Camellia Red Pearl, E7210FJ600EN – Dark Gray Metallic, E7210FJ600U7 – Deep Cherry Pearl, E7210FJ600TQ – Ice Silver Metallic, E7210FJ600B7 – Marine Blue Pearl, E7210FJ600VW – Obsidian Black Pearl, E7210FJ600HB – Sage Green Metallic, E7210FJ600WU – Satin White Pearl, E7210FJ600D6 – Sky Blue Pearl)

  • Side Sill Plates: Handsome, metal-etched plates dress up the Impreza sill plates. (E101SFJ000)

  • Rear Seatback Protector: This provides additional protection to the 5-Door rear seatbacks when lowering the seats to transport longer cargo. (J501SFJ600)


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