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  • Chrome Trunk Trim: Chrome replaces the painted trim panel for a perfect custom touch – for 4-Door only. (J1210FJ000)
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip: Polished stainless steel exhaust tip adds a finishing touch to the back of the Impreza 4-Door. (44070AC010)
  • Splash Guards: Help protect your vehicle’s paint finish from stones and road grime. Set of four. (4-Door models: J1010FJ150RE – Camellia Red Pearl, J1010FJ150EN – Dark Gray Metallic, J1010FJ150U7 – Deep Cherry Pearl, J1010FJ150TQ – Ice Silver Metallic, J1010FJ150B7 – Marine Blue Pearl, J1010FJ150VW – Obsidian Black Pearl, J1010FJ150WU – Satin White Pearl, J1010FJ150D6 – Sky Blue Metallic)
    (5-Door models: J1010FJ200RE – Camellia Red Pearl, J1010FJ200EN – Dark Gray Metallic, J1010FJ200U7 – Deep Cherry Pearl, J1010FJ200TQ – Ice Silver Metallic, J1010FJ200B7 – Marine Blue Pearl, J1010FJ200VW – Obsidian Black Pearl, J1010FJ200WU – Satin White Pearl, J1010FJ200D6 – Sky Blue Metallic; excludes Sport models)
  • Sport Mesh Grille: Bold metal mesh design adds an aggressive look to the Impreza. Grille comes pre-painted and ready to install – for 4- and 5-Door models. (J1010FJ000RE – Camellia Red Pearl, J1010FJ000EN – Dark Gray Metallic, J1010FJ000U7 – Deep Cherry Pearl, J1010FJ000TQ – Ice Silver Metallic, J1010FJ000B7 – Marine Blue Pearl, J1010FJ000VW – Obsidian Black Pearl, J1010FJ000WU – Satin White Pearl, J1010FJ000D6 – Sky Blue Metallic)
  • Front Under Spoiler: Enhances the good looks of the Impreza  –  color-matched. For 4- and 5-Door models. (Not compatible with STI Front Lip Spoiler) (E2410FJ000RE – Camellia Red Pearl, E2410FJ000EN – Dark Gray Metallic, E2410FJ000U7 – Deep Cherry Pearl, E2410FJ000TQ – Ice Silver Metallic, E2410FJ000B7 – Marine Blue Pearl, E2410FJ000VW – Obsidian Black Pearl, E2410FJ000WU – Satin White Pearl, E2410FJ000D6 – Sky Blue Metallic)
  • Fog Light Kit: Casts a low and wide beam of light to enhance vision in inclement weather – for 4- and 5-Door models. (SOA635090 – with Beige Switch Bezel, SOA635089 – with Black Switch Bezel)


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