Holding a Camera Properly


Holding a camera properly is always important if you want a sharply focused shot. Interestingly, as cameras get smaller, I find them more difficult to hold still. There’s far more to grip with a camera the size of a brick than with a wonderfully lightweight do-everything camera that fits in a pocket. But packing a brick on your back all day also has its downsides.


If yours is a pocket-size camera, take it into your hands. Study how you can grip it without impeding the lens as it zooms or the flash as it pops up. Know what reaching a finger to the shutter does to your control. Before your trip, practice holding the camera securely, cradled comfortably in your hands and pressed against your face (if, unlike most these days, it has a viewfinder). Spread your legs for full-body stability.


Practice shooting while kneeling. If you’re fortunate enough to have a camera with “IS” (image stabilization), which works to counteract any motion you’re making even after trying your best to be still, learn how to turn it on and use it. What a difference it can make!


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