Enjoy Your Travel!


Remember, travel photography should be enjoyable, and today’s remarkable cameras help make it so. Knowledge always helps, but you don’t have to know all the photography lingo or theory to shoot what you like, or to haul a ton of gear to shoot it well.


Learn how to clean your lens without scratching it, and don’t leave the brush and lens cloth at home, or your instruction book. Forget about carrying a backup battery for your camera. Carry a backup for your backup instead – three batteries or sets of them – plus a recharger. It’s terrible to run out of juice. The same story applies to memory cards. Don’t count on being able to resupply wherever you’re headed.


Finally, if you find that travel photography is getting to be a pain, put the camera away for a day or two. Now you’re left with just the traveling, and who can’t enjoy that? 


Another “postcard” – this one made for the two friends I spent a week with in southeast Arizona. I put this together in Adobe Photoshop, but a number of less-expensive software programs can be used to resize your shots and place them on a canvas.


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