Going-to-the-Sun Road


Begun in 1921, the Going-to-the-Sun Road took 12 years to build during a time when equipment was much less efficient than it is today. The road is both a National Historic Site and a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Slicing along mountainsides with steep drop-offs overlooking scenic vistas and tunnels blasted through stone, the road is a marvel, open only during the summer months due to massive snow cover in winter.


Touring Glacier National Park is an adventure that everyone should have the chance to enjoy, and, as Ranger Follett suggests, we should visit again in 10 years to see whether our attempts to stall global warming have saved the glaciers – and plants and animals in the region – from extinction.



Trish Riley is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Greening Your Business and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Living, publisher of www.gogreennation.org, and director of Cinema Verde (www.verdefest.org), an environmental film and arts festival.


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