Birding at Shore Acres State Park



Shore Acres State Park and Sunset Bay State Park are both excellent locations for spending a night along the ocean and viewing wildlife. Sunset Bay State Park is situated in what is considered one of the most scenic areas on the West Coast.


Along the trails that connect Sunset Bay with Shore Acres and Cape Arago, ocean vistas can provide views of black oystercatchers, surfbirds, black turnstones, fox sparrows, hairy woodpeckers, chestnut-backed chickadees, Steller’s jays, and winter wrens.


From Shore Acres, a trip through the lushly planted gardens and unique Sitka spruce forest can offer sightings of golden-crowned kinglets, cedar waxwings, white-crowned sparrows, and dark-eyed juncos. Winter bird-watching also can lead to both marbled and ancient murrelets.




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