The Purposeful Pioneer


Ah, yes. The Subaru Outback. Historically tried and true. Fast-forward to now, when it’s proving itself yet again, and all the more capably: We put the new 2013 model through its ultra-adaptable paces with an “Around the U.S. West” adventure – one that followed anything but a straight line.


Think of some places in which you’d normally never set foot. Like Death Valley. In the 2013 Outback, a dry lake bed on a 102° F day suddenly becomes an easygoing destination. And nearby ghost towns – likewise, just make sure you’re tucked safely into your Outback. (We hear ghosts can’t stand solidly built, yet fuel-efficient, vehicles. It surpasses their comprehension.)


 by John Rettie
Longtime auto writer John Rettie toured the interior, driving to one of the hottest places on Earth – Death Valley. Follow his journey to ghost towns and to lake beds that are well below sea level.

Then picture yourself cruising through those sweeping vistas where car commercials are always shot – winding, windswept cliff roads, complete with impossibly sheer drops into frothing surf.


Throw San Francisco, Boise, and the surprisingly sweet asphalt of Oregon into the mix, and you’re in for quite the range of terrain and traffic.


You don’t have to take these meandering, test-’er-out trips yourself. But we must warn you: The following probably will give you a serious itch that can be scratched only by a road trip of your own.


After all, you’re an adventurer, too.



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