Family Affair


from Patricia Q. Stayt, Williams Grove, PA


The Stayt family of Pennsylvania having fun with their collective Subaru vehicles.




Love it!


by Sandra Dumont, Cle Elum, WA

(Photo: Cindy Lea Clark)


I love my new 2012 Subaru Impreza!



Sometimes Mud, Too


by Jerome Kaufman, Stevens Point, WI



I’ve now enjoyed reading your magazine for the past 20 years and six Subaru vehicles. A picture of #6 is enclosed, taken at Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana, after approximately 30 miles of dirt and muddy roads. It’s nice to have a vehicle that can get you to these beautiful off-road places.


Thanks, Subaru.


P.S.: Try this for a new slogan – “Love and sometimes mud, too, make a Subaru, a Subaru!”




Up a Creek


by Mike Gaskins, Irvine, CA


At Quail Creek State Park in southwestern Utah at the end of May 2012: I went for the eclipse and some mountain biking at Gooseberry Mesa. My Subaru has taken me to – and home from – many great adventures.


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