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Subaru Life
Your Turn – Letters From Readers


Family Affair


from Patricia Q. Stayt, Williams Grove, PA


The Stayt family of Pennsylvania having fun with their collective Subaru vehicles.




Love it!


by Sandra Dumont, Cle Elum, WA

(Photo: Cindy Lea Clark)


I love my new 2012 Subaru Impreza!



Sometimes Mud, Too


by Jerome Kaufman, Stevens Point, WI



I’ve now enjoyed reading your magazine for the past 20 years and six Subaru vehicles. A picture of #6 is enclosed, taken at Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana, after approximately 30 miles of dirt and muddy roads. It’s nice to have a vehicle that can get you to these beautiful off-road places.


Thanks, Subaru.


P.S.: Try this for a new slogan – “Love and sometimes mud, too, make a Subaru, a Subaru!”




Up a Creek


by Mike Gaskins, Irvine, CA


At Quail Creek State Park in southwestern Utah at the end of May 2012: I went for the eclipse and some mountain biking at Gooseberry Mesa. My Subaru has taken me to – and home from – many great adventures.


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