Debra Eschmeyer


Winter 2014


Debra Eschmeyer loves what she does, but don’t call it work.

“I don’t think of it as work,” she said. “It’s a joy, a privilege to help grow healthy kids.” 

While she might not think of her role with FoodCorps as work – providing overall leadership and strategy while overseeing the organization’s government relations, development, communications, policy, and partnerships – Eschmeyer certainly sounds like she has a lot on her plate. But her many responsibilities don’t appear to have diminished her passion in the slightest.

“Most kids just see food at one stage, like on grocery store shelves,” she said, “but when you show a child what it means to stand on the soil, to plant those peas yourself, to nurture them, they discover a holistic appreciation for food that will shape them for the rest of their lives.”

Asked what she likes best about her not-work, she said, “One of my favorite things is to watch a kid’s face the first time they try a fresh pea pod right off the vine. You can tell they’re anticipating an ‘Ew!’ reaction to eating a raw vegetable,” she laughed, “and then when they have that first bite of real, fresh-picked food and their whole face lights up – they’ve discovered a whole new world. It’s like they found a hidden treasure.Except it shouldn’t be hidden; every child deserves access to healthy food.”

We think that’s the best description yet of what Eschmeyer does: helping kids find treasure, just waiting to be picked. 

Today, FoodCorps members are involved in tending gardens, teaching, and supplying healthy food for children’s lunches. (Read more about Subaru partner FoodCorps.)


Age: 34

City of birth and current residence: New Knoxville, Ohio (small rural town of 890!)

Education: international affairs and business

First job: milking cows on her family’s dairy farm

Goals: a nation where children know what healthy food is, care where it comes from, and have access to it every day

Favorite activity to do in her Subaru: road trips – loves the scenic view out the spacious windows


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