A Healthy Serving of Subaru


Subaru partner FoodCorps connects kids to healthy food by bringing education and activities to the classroom. It's no surprise many FoodCorps employees drive Subaru vehicles! Here are some of their stories.

Curt Ellis, FoodCorps Co-founder and CEO

I grew up in a big family in Oregon, with a vegetable garden and an endless stream of carpentry projects to tend to when we weren't out hiking or skiing together. Dad was a Subaru driver, so the adventuring came easy. I learned to use a stick shift on my Dad's maroon '83 wagon, which had well over 200,000 miles by the time I got ahold of the keys. 

Last spring, when he decided to retire his third Subaru, a Legacy from the early '90s, all he had to do was reach into the glove box and pull out the business card a stranger had left under the wiper years before: "If you ever want to part with this car, call me!" The guy came out and bought it that evening. My five siblings and I decided to surprise Dad by chipping in on a new car. Dad now drives a handsome gray 2014 Outback. And whether he's hauling tomatoes or grandchildren, or heading to his office at the international aid nonprofit, Mercy Corps, or dropping me off at FoodCorps, it's great to see the man we all love and look up to sitting happily behind the wheel of his fourth Subaru.

Cecily Upton with husband Drew Kinney, daughter, Lola
Jean and their dog Zapp.

Cecily Upton, FoodCorps Co-founder and Vice President of Programs

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew we'd trade in our old car for a Subaru. What else would we pick to cart around our precious new baby – not to mention our dogs, bikes, gardening supplies, and outdoor gear? We chose a 2015 Subaru Outback and haven't looked back since. We love our Subaru so much we bought a 1997 Outback as a second car. Now, on the eve of moving from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine, our Subaru is about to carry us into the next chapter of our lives. Here's to hoping we hand over the keys to Lola Jean in 16 years! 

Ashton Barrett, Development Research and Operations Manager

We love the freedom and adventure and the ability to escape the city that our 2000 Forester offers. We took a 3,500+-mile road trip from NYC to Newfoundland and back a few months after we bought it. It was the perfect road trip car! Unable to find lodging one night, we pulled into a rest stop, grabbed our sleeping bags, folded down the back seats and slept quite comfortably in the back of our car. It navigated over potholed dirt roads with ease, and sitting on the back bumper sheltered under the raised rear door was the perfect place for a picnic in the rain.

Ashton Barrett
Michele Matyasovsky, Sara Iams, and Tucker (dog)

Michele Matyasovsky, National Director of Partnerships

We chose our 2012 Outback 3.6R Limited because we wanted a car that was safe, reliable, fun to drive, had enough room for our dog and luggage (we never pack light), and could keep up with our hiking, biking and beach trips. We love it because we love the outdoors and also appreciate nice things. Our Outback allows us not only to explore the "roads less traveled," but to do it in a way that is comfortable and stylish.

Ashley Taylor, AmeriCorps Partnerships Manager

My 2013 Subaru Forester gets good gas mileage, was a decent price, and most importantly, I can fit my skis in the back. My dad did a ton of research on safety and reliability and the Subie won. I also love the size, hatchback, and offbeat/off-the-road appeal!

Erica Curry

Erica Curry, Training and Professional Development Manager

I bought my 2005 Legacy because I needed something safe and reliable that could get around on the farm during the winter in Vermont! I love it because it's like a truck, but isn't a truck. I can fit anything into it, it seems.

Olivia Webster, Service Program Coordinator

Our 1998 Subaru Outback had 240,000 miles on it so it was time for an upgrade. A friend of a friend was selling his 2006 Outback that had low mileage and was in great shape and we couldn't resist. I love everything about it! We take our Subaru on every road trip adventure we can dream up and it is amazing that we can pack our bikes and our water toys (standups or kayak) along with all of our food and belongings for fun outdoor weekends.

Erica, Olivia, Robyn
Robyn Wardell

Robyn Wardell, Alumni Manager

I chose my 2007 Impreza Outback Sport because I wanted something reliable that could handle winters in Maine, crosscountry road trips and dirt roads. I love how easy it's been to take care of since the day I bought it and that it is big enough to cart around garden equipment, outdoor adventure gear, and all of my earthly belongings when I've needed it to.