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Fall 2015

Track the Health of Your Subaru with New SUBARU STARLINK Onboard Diagnostics

The term TMI – too much information – pops up all the time. But when it comes to your vehicle, is there really such a thing as TMI? Today’s vehicles are extremely sophisticated machines, but up until now there’s been no easy way for you to monitor how everything is functioning. The only time you knew something was wrong was when the “Check Engine” light came on. Without the interpretation of your trusted mechanic, you’d have had an easier time communicating with your dog than figuring out exactly what your vehicle was trying to tell you. Today, thanks to SUBARU STARLINK,1 that’s all changed. While all 2016 Subaru models have STARLINK entertainment features, the 2016 Legacy, Outback, and Forester also have STARLINK Safety and Security2 features. Select 2016 model year Subaru vehicles have the ability to provide you with vital diagnostic information quickly, conveniently, and in a way that's easy to understand.

How Onboard Diagnostics Work

Your Subaru is equipped with various sensors that measure a host of vital indicators that track the status of your vehicle, from the outside air temperature to the transmission temperature, the position of the throttle to the air/fuel ratio, and everything in between. These sensors are all connected to an Engine Control Unit (ECU), which controls how they function, ensuring that your vehicle runs properly while delivering optimum performance and fuel economy. 

The SUBARU STARLINK diagnostic system automatically checks up to 14 critical vehicle systems and then alerts you in the event of an issue. It’s like having a doctor with a stethoscope who can “listen” to these various systems within the vehicle. 

Know the Answer

As part of the STARLINK Safety and Security packages on select 2016 Subaru vehicles, you can access key information in two ways:

1. If a dashboard warning light illuminates, STARLINK will send an email that includes
a description of the problem and how to correct it.

2. Once a month, STARLINK generates a monthly Vehicle Health Report that can be emailed to you or is available via your MySubaru account. This report provides you with recommended actions for any warning indicators, open recalls, or maintenance and wear issues, to give you peace of mind. 

Both of these features provide you with easy-to-understand information, and that translates into greater peace of mind.

Health Reports via Mysubaru 

The MySubaru app provides easy access to your STARLINK Safety and Security features. Compatible with both iOS and Android™ devices, the app allows you to effortlessly receive safety and security messages and view your monthly Vehicle Health Report. You also can check maintenance messages and your mileage (great for scheduling sevice appointments without being near your vehicle).

SUBARU STARLINK: Your Subaru – Connected

STARLINK is the next step in vehicle connectivity that allows Subaru to provide you with new levels of safety, security, and diagnostic services. In addition, it also provides around-the-clock access to a STARLINK advisor who can provide help in an emergency or call for roadside assistance. SUBARU STARLINK Safety and Security Connected Services is the ideal way for you to stay informed about your Subaru – and that gives you more time to relax and enjoy the journey.

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1 Compatible smartphone and application required. For applications to operate, latest version of each application and optional integrated audio and navigation system unit required. Data provided by smartphone is displayed on navigation screen. Some state laws prohibit the operation of handheld electronic devices while operating a vehicle. Smartphone apps should only be launched when vehicle is safely parked. Your wireless carrier’s rates may apply. 2 Activation and required subscription sold separately. Includes one-year trial subscription. See your retailer for details.