2017 Subaru Legacy: Generations of Safety and Value


Fall 2016

A Gift from the Heart

It took no small measure of confidence for Subaru, over a quarter-century ago, to name its new midsize sedan the Legacy. A legacy is something handed down, a high standard to be upheld and fostered. Ashwin Amanna’s story of how his trusty Legacy kept his pregnant wife safe and was handed down to his son exemplifies why Legacy is the best-selling all-wheel drive midsize sedan for the past 10 years1 and the longest lasting midsize sedan in its class

Recently married, my wife and I were driving my pickup on the back roads of West Virginia. On a bad curve, we slid off the road and bounced from tree to tree. Thankfully we walked away unharmed. 

In looking for our next vehicle, safety was foremost in our mind after what happened and learning that my wife was pregnant. Our active lifestyle and varied weather conditions in our area led us to Subaru. The utility of the 1998 Brighton Legacy Wagon was the perfect choice.

When our boy, Ansel, was born, the Legacy took us everywhere, from hikes to 12-hour trips to upstate New York to visit family. I moved on to a 2005 Legacy GT 5MT Wagon and we thought about selling the ’98 Legacy, but thankfully didn’t.

When Ansel turned 16, we taught him how to drive in a Forester. I taught him to drive a stick, and eventually, turned over the keys to the Brighton. He will be going to college next year and we are confident the Legacy will guide him safely.

– Ashwin Amanna, New Hartford, New York

A Winning Sport

The high-style Legacy 2.5i Sport is new for 2017, with a Sport-specific front grille, 18-inch dark gray finish alloy wheels, fog lights with gloss black surrounds, distinctive body-color side rocker spoilers accented with chrome, and exterior mirrors in a high-luster silver finish equipped with integrated turn signals.

Inside, the model includes Sport-specific two-tone gray cloth upholstery with blue contrast stitching on seats and door panels. The leather-wrapped steering wheel and door armrest also feature blue contrast stitching. The spacious cabin is further accented with gloss black, silver metallic, and simulated carbon-fiber trim elements.

Other welcome features include Keyless Access with Push-Button Start for effortless vehicle entry and start, and a HomeLink auto-dimming rearview compass mirror.

2017 Subaru Legacy Sport model
2017 Subaru Legacy interior featuring

Building a Safer Future 

The 2017 Legacy offers the latest in safety protection and collision avoidance, including available EyeSight Driver Assist Technology with Pre-Collision Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Lane Departure and Sway Warning.3 The new High Beam Assist uses a forward facing camera mounted on the interior rearview mirror to detect light from other vehicles and brightly lit streets, and automatically adjusts high beams to low beams, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel. Also available for 2017 is Reverse Automatic Braking,4 which automatically applies brakes if it senses the Legacy is too close to an obstacle when backing up, potentially averting a collision.

These safety standards and innovations bring added peace of mind. When Kathleen Lobben’s mother wanted a new car, concerned about her parents’ safety, she convinced her mother to purchase a Legacy.

In the fall of 2014, my mother, then 87, said she really wanted a new car. Since my husband and I owned a Subaru Forester and I was concerned with my parents’ safety, I began researching the Subaru Legacy. I wanted them to have the new safety features, such as Blind Spot Detection and EyeSight, and my mother agreed.

 Shortly after my mother’s 88th birthday, her new Legacy arrived. My mom and dad love all the features for safety and comfort. I’m happy they are in a safe vehicle, and they’re delighted to be healthy enough to enjoy driving. Thanks for making cars that are safe for people of all ages to drive.

– Kathleen Lobben, Setauket, New York

The 2017 Legacy offers the latest in safety protection and collision avoidanceThe 2017 Legacy continues to deliver high standards, safety, and value that have been fostered from generation to generation: an enduring symbol of excellence that has proven worthy of handing down. It provides a legacy of excellence, which owners like Jeffrey McClimans have come to trust and admire.

The most valuable thing about my Subaru is … value! Subaru is the only brand to offer the combination of world-class safety and reliability, go-anywhere AWD, tasteful styling, comfortable passenger amenities, pleasurable driving and handling, efficiency, ample cargo room, exceptionally strong resale value, and an admirable environmental and social ethos that it acts upon, all for the price of an average vehicle. 

– Jeffrey McClimans, Everett, Washington

The 2017 Subaru Legacy

The Subaru Legacy was named
Best Resale Value in its class for 2016 by Kelley Blue Book’s KBB.com.5

According to ALG, the 2016 Subaru Legacy retains its value longer than any other vehicle in the midsize segment.6

The 2017 Subaru Legacy received the highest possible 2016 rating for front crash prevention from IIHS when equipped with EyeSight.

More Than a Mirror

Enhance your Legacy with this HomeLink7 accessory mirror, and enjoy advanced safety and convenience features.

Subaru Legacy accesory

Glare-free Driving

Digital light sensors and microprocessor-based intelligence detect dangerous glare during nighttime and darken the mirror automatically.

Car-to-Home Automation

The mirror integrates the latest version of HomeLink, with three programmable buttons that can be configured to control home lighting, gates, garage doors, and more. You can even find out if you’ve left your garage door open.

Navigational Assistance

A digital 8-point compass is integrated into the mirror and shines through the mirror’s surface, allowing you to check your navigational heading at a glance.


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