Fill ’er Up!


Fall 2016

Subaru of Puyallup Goes the Extra Mile to Fill a Need for Students

Filling a child’s backpack with school supplies has become a tradition for the outreach ministry of Life Center, a Tacoma, Washington, church that collects and distributes them to neighborhood families in need. Unfortunately, in 2013 the charity was in danger of missing their annual goal. 

Rising to the Challenge 

Subaru of Puyallup, a suburb of Seattle, is already a generous contributor to the Life Center as part of their participation in the Subaru Loves Learning initiative. When they learned of the looming shortfall, they took it upon themselves to “go the extra mile,” in the words of Vice President Chris Brown. They wondered: How many school supplies for Tacoma children could be stuffed into a Subaru Forester? The answer, it turns out, was more than enough to push Life Center’s initiative over the top.

Subaru of Puyallup filled a Subaru Forester with school supplies for Tacoma children.
For each customer who spread the word via social media, Subaru of Puyallup donated $10 toward the supply pile.

Packed and Ready 

For each customer who spread the word via social media, the retailer donated $10 toward the supply pile. Life Center met their goal, and Tacoma schoolchildren went to class prepared that fall. 

To date, Subaru of Puyallup has channeled $45,900 to Life Center, enabling the charity to give nearly 12,000 backpacks full of goods to area children. “Starting school with a fresh, new backpack helps them have a successful year,” says Kerry Prosser, Life Center’s chief financial officer. “It’s a big deal.”

As part of Subaru Loves Learning, Subaru of Puyallup pledges to help make the pursuit of knowledge available to as many minds as possible.