Apples at the Table:
Stories and Recipes


Fall 2017

We asked readers to send in their favorite apple recipes, and they did, along with tales of their fondness for this beloved fall fruit.

Apple Cider Applesauce


Upside-Down Cinnamon Apple Cake

Sugarless Apple Pie

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Reader Feedback

Recipe Thank-You

Thanks to Amy Strawbridge for her recipe for Apple Slice Bars! They are wonderful. I followed the recipe exactly, except for one location-specific addition: precooking the apple mixture. Here in Colorado, at high altitude, the apples stay crunchy unless you precook them (10 minutes in the microwave on high). Thanks so much.

P.S. We are driving our fifth Subaru!

- Molly Walker, Nathrop, Colorado

Florence Reiley

Apple Slice Bars Success

This is for Amy Strawbridge ‒ I thought you might like to know my mother-in-law, Florence Reiley, made your Apple Slice Bars recipe for our regular Wednesday night dinner. She is 96 (my father-in-law will soon be 98) and while looking through the magazine thought the bars would be good to try. We all enjoyed them! 

- Daniel Proudfoot, Bellaire, Michigan


Each year, we invite friends and family to join us at our annual Applefest to press loads of apples in celebration of fall. Last year, I took a photo of our 2011 Outback stuffed to the gills with apples from our local orchard. We used the Outback to carry the press to our son’s school where he gave a great lesson on cider pressing to his classmates. How fun to see a similar tradition honored in your 2017 issue!

- Carrie Williams Howe