Lucky and the Outback

Three short days after the finish of my wife Janelle's radiation treatments, our 12-year companion Brutus passed away. The road forward got a bit tougher in spite of support from family, friends and the community. After several discussions and a few visits to the local animal shelter, just to look, we were still not sure if we were ready for a new companion. The one thing we agreed on is that the new pup would have to be a bit smaller than Brutus, who was a Lab. Finally, on a Saturday when we were scheduled to visit our Subaru dealer, we arranged for a visit to the shelter first. Janelle announced, to my surprise, that she would like to adopt a little waif named Loki. At 7 months and 19 pounds, only his passion to cuddle explained her choice. He was certainly pleasant enough, and he was a handsome little chap, but he was a dramatic change from a 95-pound Lab. We were told that he is a Lab mix, but he looks like a Terrier-Whippet-Miniature Greyhound combination. He has happily become a part of our family, and still loves to cuddle. Our adult children agreed that we should name him Lucky. He prospers, and wishes for nothing more than the chance to love and be loved. Our visit to the Subaru dealer went equally as well. Our salesman Ed assured us that Subarus are pet-friendly, and even Lucky approved on the initial road test. Who knew that a pound puppy could be such a good judge of vehicles!

Five months have passed, and we have yet to find anything we don’t like about our Outback. Lucky is coming along nicely. He approves of the Outback, and happily pilots from the rear seat. Ride, handling and comfort are second-to-none in class, and fuel economy is excellent. There’s been only one big road trip so far (for the Outback and Lucky), but everything is looking up. Lucky is fit and active, weighing in at 40 pounds and fast approaching his first birthday. In this photo, he is resting – for a change – at my right elbow. Our Outback rests comfortably in the garage.

— Eric Bancroft, Mackinaw City, Michigan