Singing to Chadwick

In November of 2017, my husband and I adopted a Standard Schnauzer named Chadwick. We rescued him from an organization called San Antonio R.O.C.K.S. after seeing a picture of him.  He looked like Peck’s Bad Boy, a character in a movie about a little boy who was always getting into trouble. Chadwick was quite scruffy, with mischievous, big brown eyes looking up under long eyebrows. I immediately filled out the application. The woman who was fostering him called to say that two other families were interested in adopting Chadwick. She also told us that he was quite willful and would growl when he didn’t get his way, so it was important for her to place him in the right home. We figured that our chances of adopting Chadwick were low since the other families had contacted her first.

We were familiar with Schnauzers. Many years earlier, we had had a Standard Schnauzer that passed away. But the difference between Chadwick and Bandit was that Bandit had been a part of our family since he was 8 weeks old and had no “doggy baggage.” As it turned out, the other people opted out of the adoption. We were happy to hear that we would now be the proud owners of Chadwick. When he first came to our home he was constantly pulling when he went for walks. He was scratching furniture, and incessantly barking and growling at us if he was unhappy for any reason. As an amateur singer, I chose five songs from my repertoire, and I sang to him in bed. Immediately, I could see a difference in Chadwick. He would become very relaxed and allow me to hug him, which he had not done before. Now he follows me everywhere, and we are best friends.

We have had Chadwick for a year, and he has become a wonderful addition to our family. I sing to him every day, and he loves it. His behavioral problems have almost all disappeared. Now when we lie in bed he looks at me with loving eyes, and purrs like a kitty cat when I sing! Chadwick has definitely made me a better and more confident singer, and he is the best audience I could ever imagine! 

— Nancy Brown, Santa Fe, New Mexico