Pippi Finds a Home

I can’t even begin to tell you the laughter and love that Pippi had brought into our family. She is such an affectionate and funny little girl. But let me tell the story from the beginning. I volunteered at a shelter and most of the time you would see me taking the “big dogs” for a walk. Most people would take the smaller dogs and puppies for walks since the adult dogs are very big, strong and full of excitement. I always tried to give these bigger dogs the much-needed attention and exercise they all required. One afternoon as I was walking Bart, one of the “big dogs,” I saw another volunteer walking the cutest little girl. A Boxer? But she had black fur! She just looked so happy to be out on a walk and was excited to see Bart. I thought to myself, What a wonderful personality. Now, I have walked a countless number of dogs, and of course some have a special something that pulls you to them. This little girl was definitely one of them! My husband, Bob, and I already had a very sweet girl dog in our family, named Panda. Our other three dogs had passed on and are waiting at the rainbow bridge for us, while Panda continued to bless us with her sweetness and love. Bob and I weren’t even considering an addition to our family. We just wanted to help all of the animals at the shelter as best we could and try our hardest to get them adopted. But, when we took this little black puppy outside to meet Panda one day, they were so happy to see each other. The puppy walked up to Panda, hopped up to put her arms around her neck, and gave her a big hug. Panda looked so happy to meet her, and it made us think that maybe we should consider a little sister for Panda. Over the next week, we took Panda back to the shelter for several more visits with the puppy. Each time they met, they played and were very excited to see each other. We even talked with Panda’s doctor to see if he thought she would like to have another dog in the family again. He thought Panda might be a little lonely without her sisters, and that it would be great for her to have someone to play with and to do all of the “doggie” things that Bob and I aren’t capable of doing with her. Bob and I decided that we would love to adopt the puppy, but it was ultimately Panda’s decision. Even though they had fun playing at the shelter, we were concerned that maybe Panda wouldn’t accept the puppy into our house. When we expressed our concerns with the people at the shelter, they told us they also wanted to make sure the adoption was right for our family and if it didn’t work out, they would find another family that would be just right for this puppy. I picked her up on a Friday evening. She was very good in the car and very curious of everything. She enjoyed feeling the breeze on her nose and just kept sniffing the air. We arrived home and were greeted by Bob and Panda in the backyard. The puppy was surprised to see Panda, and Panda to see the puppy. They ran happily to each other. The puppy kept sniffing around the yard and running up to Panda. Panda was sniffing her, too, and they had a fun time running around the yard. Having a puppy in the family was an adjustment for Panda that took only two days. She now had a little sister to do all of the “doggie” things she had loved doing with her older sisters. Bob, Panda and I adopted the little seven-month-old Boxer/Pitbull girl into our family on January 11, and named her Pippi. 

— Karen Brown, South Carolina