Eddie’s Story

Five years ago, I returned home from dining at a local restaurant carrying some leftover brisket. Moments after entering the house, I heard an animal yowling at my door and my two cats yowling back. When I looked toward the commotion I saw an injured cat against my glass storm door. He had smelled the meat. I had no plans to take on a third cat, but any human with a heart could not have left him. I took him some soft food, lured him into a carrier and took him to my vet. As I handed him over to their care, I said that I would pay for any expenses. Over the next two weeks, I checked on him frequently. Even though they had to do extensive work on him, he had his youth on his side. Along with shots, neutering, antibiotics, plus two weeks in the hospital, not to mention all the food he ate (one day he ate five bowls full!), I figured I might have to mortgage my house to pay for it all. Surprisingly, they only charged me for the antibiotics! After cleaning him up, we could tell he was a very unusual Siamese mix with big blue eyes and a sweet disposition. When his long hair grew in, he turned out to be one of the most beautiful cats I’d ever seen. I named him Eddie, after the artist Edward Munch, who is best known for his painting “The Scream.” Eddie now weighs more than thirteen pounds and loves to cuddle. I wouldn’t take a million dollars for him. I don’t know his story, but I suspect a coyote had attacked him. I decided his rescue story would make a great children’s book, so I wrote one. The first half is speculation on my part, but the second half is true. The book is called “Eddie’s Long Journey: A True Story.”  

—Sarah Capps, Belle Rive, Illinois