A Pair of Pugs

I’ve always wanted a pug. Yes, they shed, snore and slobber, but they make up for it with total devotion and big personalities. I feel so fortunate to have two rescue pugs in my life, Annie and Bruno (aka “Boo-Boo”). While they came from different places (Seattle Pug Rescue and Ohio Pug Rescue), and difficult circumstances, they now fill our home with joy and laughter. They love life on Puget Sound, enjoy any opportunity to run on the sand as the tide goes out, and in summer months they join us on the water! Bruno is more low-key than Annie, and is content to stay home and “guard”; while Annie joins us on hikes throughout the Cascades. They both love their daily walks – and don’t hesitate to jump into our Impreza, the “blubaru.” They don’t care where we are going, as long as their humans are in sight. I couldn’t imagine a day without them. They have brought so much joy into our lives. I am so thankful for the dedicated volunteers who made it possible for Annie and Bruno to have a second chance.

— Kas Church, Ferndale, Washington