Zane Gets a Second Chance

The first time I saw the skinny, neglected-looking cat, I wanted to look the other way. There was definitely something wrong as he walked haltingly and seemed to be searching the ground for something. I decided I needed to help him, as I doubted no one else would. I began putting food out for him, and after a few weeks, he came closer. I realized that he either had no right eye or it had sunk into the socket, and his left eye was clouded over. It took a few months, but I was able to trap him and get him to a veterinarian. It turned out he was blind. After providing the necessary medical care, we found Zane (his new name) to be loving, and have quite a personality. His eyesight was not able to be restored, but he gets around well once he knows his surroundings. He now lives in a safe and loving home with another cat. Zane was fortunate to have survived the streets for as long as he did, and he is very grateful for his second chance at life! 

— Sunny Clark, Springfield, Illinois