Golf Cats

Once upon a time, in the beautiful hills of Kentucky, lived a colony of feral cats on the fringes of a golf course. They hunted for whatever scraps of food they could find in the parking lot trash container, sometimes turning up nothing more than a scuffed-up golf ball. No dinner tonight. One day my friend Brent, who had been playing golf at the course, started feeding them. The colony’s size fluctuated, but there was a core group of four cats that always seemed to be there when Brent visited. I ventured to the course and saw the most beautiful Tortie kitten, and instantly fell in love with her! I put some food out for her (the only one there that day), and went on my way, not knowing how she and the other little creatures would change so many lives. After a few more trips to visit and feed the “kids,” I contacted Ohio Alleycat Resource to ask for help with trapping, and to spay and neuter the kitties. An angel from OAR went to the golf course on Easter Sunday with traps and canned food, and was able to trap three of the four cats. They needed names, so the angel named them after famous golfers: Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie and Jack Nicklaus (who turned out to be a Jackie). The fourth kitty, Nancy Lopez, was elusive…and pregnant. She became a fantastic mother to six exquisite kittens, and three of them now live the life of luxury at Brent’s house! This experience has set an example in the community for the care of feral cats. Golfers have come up to me to tell me about their own animals at home, or to thank me for taking care of the golf-course kitties. The owner of the course even rode out on a golf cart to see me one day. He told me that he and his wife had been watching me feed the kitties for two years. He said I was welcome there, and the kitties were welcome, too. This is their home, and we are their guardians. As of January 2018, Tiger is the only kitty remaining at the course. He is home and in his element, and he is cared for and loved every day. Tiger is pictured here in all his glory.     

— Valerie Colaluca, Cold Spring, Kentucky