Four Loving Dogs

On May 29, 2016, Early Rollins lost her battle with Alzheimers' disease. Twelve days later, her husband Ron lost his battle with cancer. They left behind their four beloved dogs: Macky (a German Shorthaired Pointer), Chase (a Brittany Spaniel), Evie (a Schnoodle, part Schnauzer/part Poodle), and Stormie Dawn (a Gordon Setter). As a good country friend and neighbor, as well as the trustee of the estate, it was my job to find homes for the pooches. The youngest, Stormie Dawn, found an amazing home through her breeder with a family that already owned Stormie's niece. They took her in with loving arms. I stepped in and took the other three. Needless, to say, I fell in love. On November 1, 2017, Evie the Schnoodle lost her own battle with cancer. Now it’s just Macky and Chase, and I can't imagine life without my boys. The love and care their former owners gave them is evident in their personalities. I love them to pieces, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to call them my own. As for them, they absolutely love to go for rides in the back of our 2013 Forester! 

— Sandy DeGeorge, Vacaville, California