Orion Takes the Wheel

We'd been without a pet for several years, and the time never seemed right to acquire a new one. We knew that would change eventually, but it hadn’t yet. In mid-November of 2015 we were driving our Outback from Montana to northern Arizona for a family visit. We stopped for the night at a motel off the interstate in Brigham City, Utah. There was nothing on that side of the interstate but the motel and a gas station. Getting back into our car to go to dinner, my wife heard what she thought was a strange bird call. She went toward the sound, heard it again and realized it wasn't a bird, but probably a cat. She continued in the direction of the sound, and a little white blur ran out from under a bush and leaped into her arms. The little guy had a cry much louder than you would think could come from such a tiny kitten. She turned and said, "Well, looks like we have a cat." Dinner plans were on hold until we bought cat supplies and fed our new buddy. That week, he made three trips to a local vet, and one to a large, 24-hour emergency facility in Las Vegas. He came through in good shape, and made the long drive back to Montana. Orion is now just over 2 years old. He’s healthy, happy and totally spoiled. He runs the house, and has us pretty well trained to accommodate his every wish and need. He doesn't like cars much, with the exception of the inside of our Outback. He thinks it's his car, and he likes to sit on the driver and "help" drive. 

— Lawrence Dugan, Bigfork, Montana