Quincy the Kitty Wants Subaru Gear!

On a random night, while visiting the kitties at PetSmart, a little white paw reached out of a cage and grabbed my finger, and that is how I met Quincy! We had other kitties at home and didn’t really need the addition, but every time we went to PetSmart I always had to see the kitties that were up for adoption. Originally named Harvey, this little 5-month-old simply had us hooked from go. The night before we brought him home, we asked to see him. Once they unlocked his cage, he jumped into my arms and snuggled into the space like he had always belonged. Quincy took a liking to the strings on my husband Mark’s hoodie, and we laughed and enjoyed the moments that night, knowing he had to be ours. The following evening, we signed the paperwork and picked him up. Once we got him into our Legacy we were shocked to hear...purring! Quincy purred the entire way home, safely snuggled in the Legacy. He made himself right at home and loved his fur brothers from the start. It’s as if he’s always been with us. Quincy is such a joy, and he has changed Mark into a cat daddy! Quincy turns 8 this year, and he enjoys fetching, playing with his cat brothers Romeo and Brady, spending time walking outside on his leash, and going on car rides to the PetSmart in our Legacy or Forester. Quincy hopes to show people that kitties like to go out and experience the world just like dogs do, and he hopes to see more Subaru gear for kitties. 

— Mark and Erin Hergert, Rock Island, Illinois