A Letter From Jasper

My name is Jasper. I am 5 years old, or 35 in dog years. I am what the vets euphemistically call a “mixed breed,” or, as some would say, a “mutt.” I, however, prefer the term “hybrid.” I, along with eight of my siblings, came from the Monroe County Animal Shelter in Tennessee. My adoptive parents, Frank and Anne, who were on their second Airedale, were not even intending to get another dog – let alone a rescue – when they stopped in at a local PetSmart and saw the nine of us. Most of my siblings were all brown, but three of us were mostly white with distinctive markings. My new Mom says that when she held me, it was true love. They were told that I was a “hound mix,” but that was wrong. Because some people thought I had Pit Bull in me, my folks sent for a DNA test kit. I was swabbed, and while we waited for the results my mom ran a pool at work to guess my pedigree. Opening the envelope was like waiting to see who got the Academy Award. Much to everyone’s shock, I had no hound in me at all. My father was a purebred Bull Mastiff, and my mother’s lineage is Lowchen mixed with a Tibetan Terrier. I am told that I am a handsome dude. I am mostly white with beautiful fur that glitters in the sunshine. I heard Mom admit to one of her daughters that I'm the best dog they ever had. (They now have another Airedale, Leo, who for a purebred is A-OK!) I love to cuddle, and unlike the Airedales, I don’t cozy up to them just when I want something. Maybe my tail-wagging is a bit excessive, but it’s so hard to contain my excitement when I see them.       

— Submitted by Jasper’s owner, Anne Ippolito, Knoxville, Tennessee