Maverick the Ridgeback

We rescued our Ridgeback mix from a local no-kill shelter in May of 2016. Maverick had been in and out of the veterinarian’s office for ticks until just a couple weeks before we adopted him. I guess you could say that he and I were both going through some serious stuff at about the same time. He was not only my birthday present, but a reward for making it through a heart transplant just two months prior. My 16-year-old Pit Bull had passed away eight months earlier, and I really missed having a dog around. With the help of my husband, Jeff, and a lot of hand-washing and surgical masks to protect my compromised immune system, Maverick helped me through a very challenging time. He inspired me to take my daily walks, he helped me laugh every day, and best of all, he kept me company during the many days I had to spend at home. I have owned two Outbacks since 2002. The car suits my needs better than any other crossover because the back is big enough for an 80-pound dog, and it can handle some pretty major road trips. We live in Texas, but we spend every summer in Washington state. Our car needs to be able to transport a lot of stuff, including a carrier and a dog, over multiple mountain passes in all kinds of weather. Maverick is looking forward to the newer models with the power window in the back! The attached picture was taken during our first hike after the transplant. 

— Jill Johnson, Lewisville, Texas