Zoey at Thirteen

Thirteen years ago, while searching the Petfinder website for a new puppy to join our family, I came across a cat rescue in Allentown, Pennsylvania that advertised having a litter of puppies. They had rescued them from a kill shelter in Ohio. I immediately contacted the Allentown rescue and expressed my interest in adopting one of the dogs. As it turned out, all but one of the puppies had been adopted before we could visit. She was the only all-black member of the litter. I told them we would take her, sight unseen. My daughter and I drove to Allentown and found our Zoey hiding in the back of a pet carrier. We instantly fell in love with her. She has been our loyal, protective sweetheart, and she enjoys going to the park with her "dad" every morning. She is now 13, and I can't imagine my life without her.   

— Diane Kanetsky, Holland, Pennsylvania