Buster, the Dog of Leisure

The dog that became known as our Buster in 2012 had been found wandering the streets of Carlisle, Pennsylvania in the rain. My husband and I have trouble imaging him as a street dog, considering how dedicated he is now to his “Dog of Leisure” lifestyle, which includes proper pillow piles, blankets, specific treats and long, sniff-filled walks on demand. His favorite activities include sunny-spot lounging, watching the Philadelphia 76ers, and trying to trip his people while exploring snowy hills. When not snoozing or snuggling, Buster enjoys going on adventures, both big and small. Even though he's a little guy with legs on the shorter side, Buster loves going for long walks and hikes, particularly to the local state and national parks. (Buster really wants to be a Bark Ranger someday, like his National Park Service Park Ranger person.) Buster brings us immense joy and a strange and possibly misplaced source of pride. He sported a dashing tux, and was by far the best-dressed, at our wedding. We are happy that we could give him a stable, warm, dry, pillow-filled, treat-plentiful home.  

— Sara Karpinski, Norristown, Pennsylvania