Tilly the Retired Racer

Tilly, our adopted Greyhound, began life at a dog-racing track in Iowa. After about 18 months of growing up and training there, she was placed in an adoption program through the track itself and a western Michigan organization called Allies for Greyhounds. Our journey to adopting a Greyhound began after my wife and I lost our Standard Poodle, Vladimir. Vlad had been with us for 13 years, and after he passed we took a hiatus from pets. In that time we began to get the urge to once again to have a four-legged furry critter gracing our home. My wife learned of the Allies adoption program and we went to a “meet and greet” at a local business. We were quickly enamored with the quiet demeanor of Greyhounds, and their way of wrapping their long bodies around peoples’ legs as a sign of feeling comfortable with them. After a few more “meet and greets” we were convinced that a Greyhound could be in order for us. Tilly joined us on January 1, 2017. A year later, true to the breed, Tilly is both the house princess and a couch potato. She’s been excellent on the leash from the day we got her, and she gets to go on a long walk nearly every day. Adapting to her new life, away from the track, has been a slow and steady process. She’s learning to play with toys, which was a foreign concept to her, but one we’ve adjusted to. While she was independent early on, she’s now more likely to follow us around the house and hang with us while we’re watching TV. Oh yeah, she’s a bed hog, too, and typically the last one out of bed every morning. Tilly enjoys taking side trips in our Outback or Legacy, hiking the White Pine Trail and making new friends at the farmers’ market. She also still demonstrates her speed now and then with a few minutes of “zoomies” around the house. We are honored to have the opportunity to give this retired athlete a new home, and we look forward to every day with her in our “pack.”  

— Shawn Mahoney, Rockford, Michigan