Loving Linden

We had planned to foster Linden the cat just for the holidays… and that was more than a year ago! My 13-year-old son and I had gotten to know Linden pretty well as volunteers at the local shelter. He had a beautiful face and was playful, but he was also a little overwhelming when he came running at you because he is a very big boy! My son and I soon developed a close relationship with Linden, and looked forward to seeing him each week. We decided we should give him a happy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year in a loving home. His transition into our family was seamless. He made a strong and immediate connection to my 16-year-old son, and it continues to this day. Linden filled a hole in our family that we didn’t even know we had. He shows his happiness by playing, carrying toys around, walking around muttering, and cuddling and sleeping with my teenage sons. Linden seems to enjoy strong male company. He also likes to be part of the cat pack, where he has a strong role model in our 6-year-old male, Magee. Linden has given my youngest son confidence, and a boost in his self-esteem, as he struggles with Autism Spectrum Disorder. When my son’s anxiety level increases, Linden can always help. I often find the two of them together in my son's room, Linden on the bed and my son on the floor with his latest electronic game. Linden gets up with us in the morning, follows us around the house, greets us at the door when we come home, and has been a wonderful addition to the family. We had been waiting a long time to find each other. I am grateful to everyone at the shelter who took such good care of him. We are a perfect fit together, and Linden has finally found his way home.   

— Jennifer Martin, Hockessin, Delaware