On The Road To Nirvana


Spring 2015


The image of yoga instructor Michelle Maron on the cover of her book, Rest Stop Yoga, is the very picture of balance and serenity. Her eyes are closed, her features serene, legs folded beneath her in the lotus positon as the wind gently ruffles her long, blond locks. With the distant mountains and open sky as backdrop, she could be a yogi contemplating eternity. And, in fact, she is, albeit sitting in a somewhat unusual place for such an activity: perched on the roof of her Subaru Outback.

While Maron practicing yoga atop her car might cause long-haul truckers to do double takes, she wants the sight of people like her to be more common on America’s roadways. 

After years of offering weekly Kripalu yoga classes at her studio, Lake Champlain Yoga & Wellness in Essex, New York, Maron is on a mission to drag yoga out of the studio and take it on the road. 

In 2012, Maron was approached by fellow wellness instructor Brian Trzaskos to co-author a book encouraging people to use yoga in a previously unexplored context: roadsides, rest areas, and parking lots. The resulting book, Rest Stop Yoga, is a quick reference guide showing Maron demonstrating a variety of helpful yoga poses that she adapted for use with her favorite yoga partner: her faithful Outback. And it’s specially designed to fit effortlessly into your glove compartment.  

 “People have been practicing yoga for centuries all over the world, in a huge variety of places,” Maron says, “so why not encourage them to apply these ideas in situations where they need it most?”