What's Your Legacy?


Spring 2015


Although Cathy White and her husband Brian are retired, you won’t find them holing up at home very often. The pair, who live in a mountain valley in western Colorado, love to travel.

In their 2010 Crystal White Pearl Legacy, they cruise to California and Arizona in the winter, and to Oregon in the fall and spring. “It’s our traveling car because it rides so beautifully,” she relates.“And it gets such good gas mileage.”

When the Whites are nearer to home, they can be found on steep mountain passes in the Rockies, some of which soar to 12,000 feet, on their way to explore towns like Durango and Telluride. “Unless we’re snowed in, we’re out on the road,” she says. “My husband usually drives and I read books out loud, pass out snacks, and generally act as the road trip entertainment.”


To say that Sally McNulty is a car enthusiast is an understatement. She grew up with an older brother and a father who were always modifying cars, and she proudly took up that particular family tradition when she started driving.

McNulty owns a 2006 Legacy 2.5GT. “I’ve made some modifications to really customize it, to make it uniquely mine,” she says. Those mods include adding adjustable suspension BC Racing coilovers, and adjusting the height so that her Legacy sits lower to the ground. She also changed out the factory wheels and replaced the outside mirrors in an effort to put her own stamp on her favorite vehicle. “I wanted this car to be something I created,” she explains.

McNulty certainly has created a showstopper. She especially loves the reaction she gets when she takes her customized Legacy to the auto show at the Scottsdale Pavillion near her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. “A lot of the Subaru community shows up to the show,” she says. “My Legacy always gets noticed.”


Backcountry skiing, 40-mile hikes, and building snow caves is Parker Brattebo’s way of relaxing.“My buddies and I just take off in my Legacy and we can go anywhere,” the Portland resident says. “They pile into my car and we go up mountains, on totally rocky roads, no pavement, or drive out into the desert.”

Recently, Brattebo took his Legacy on the sand dunes along the Oregon Coast. “I literally drove the car in the sand on the beach,” he explains. “And I have a lead foot!”

Brattebo details the car after each of his wilderness excursions, and he’s religious about oil and filter changes. “I take awesome care of the car and it takes care of me,” he laughs. “The car is fast and elegant and I want it to stay that way.”


Safety was the chief reason Steve Stanik chose his 2014 Legacy 3.6R. “I have two kids, so I like the fact that it has front, side, and back airbags,” he explains.

His kids – ages 8 and 11 – love the car, too. “It’s roomy and there’s a USB port, so they can charge their iPads®,” he says.

The Stanik family is passionate about geocaching, which means they often pile into their Legacy and head for Alabama’s national parks to discover geocache sites. When they go for bigger caches, his kids usually bring a small toy they can swap for the found treasure. “We’ve gone geocaching on Rainbow Mountain.” he continues. “We’ve even taken long road trips to Nashville.”

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