Festival of Bikes


Spring 2017

The Subaru Sea Otter Classic celebrates cycling in beautiful Monterey, California.

Each April, as the Northern Hemisphere thaws out in spring light, crowds of cyclists and cycling enthusiasts from around the world converge in Monterey, California, for a can’t-miss weekend on two wheels, the Subaru Sea Otter Classic.

One of the largest cycling festivals on the planet, the Sea Otter Classic draws approximately 10,000 participants and 70,000 spectators every year. Amateurs, pros and everyone in-between participates in a wide variety of racing events that range from cross-country mountain biking to downhill to leisurely gran fondos, or great endurance. An equally impressive number of non-race events at the festival include everything from a massive biking expo featuring hundreds of vendors to a mountain bike camp to an egg hunt for kids. In short, no matter what your interest in cycling is, you’re likely to find it here. 

Subaru is the title sponsor of the Sea Otter Classic.
10,000 participants and 70,000 spectators gather at the Subaru Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California.
If there is a cyclist heaven, it looks like the Sea Otter Classic.

For Michael Hartzell, who’s attended nearly every Sea Otter Classic since it began in 1991, it’s hard to pin down the origin of his love for the event. Maybe it was the bragging rights afforded from participating in cross-country mountain bike races. Maybe it was the thrill of seeing a dialed-in backflip at the big air competitions. Or maybe it was just the sheer array of cycling-related offerings. “Everything that pertained to bike racing was represented,” he says.

It’s clear why a partnership with Subaru, now in its fourth year as title sponsor of the event, seemed almost inevitable. Frank Yohannan, co-founder and CEO of the Sea Otter Classic, recognizes the two organizations’ parallel philosophies and enthusiastic embrace of the outdoor lifestyle. Add to that an overwhelming 7,000 campers who attend, many in Subaru vehicles, and Yohannann says the partnership couldn’t be anything but “a great fit.”

Head to the 2017 Sea Otter Classic for cycling events galore on April 20‑23. Learn more and register.

Sea Otter Classic