Growing the Wylde Center


Spring 2017

Subaru of America Foundation teams up with a dynamic Atlanta-based environmental organization to expand youth outreach.

Today, the Wylde Center is a far-reaching environmental organization with a diverse array of offerings. But it all began with one small act of goodwill: An effort by neighbors Sally Wylde and Louise Jackson in 1991 to get children to begin caring for Jackson’s garden rather than tramping across it on the way to school. These days, the Wylde Center seeks to promote environmental stewardship in three primary ways: It manages five public gardens, runs a Youth Environmental Education Program that serves more than 5,500 students and builds community.

Subaru of America Foundation grant supports the Wylde Center.

To support the youth education arm of the initiative, the Wylde Center was recently awarded a Subaru of America Foundation grant. The program has four branches, says Stephanie Van Parys, the center’s executive director. These include working with students at schools that already have on-site gardens, hosting field trips to the center’s own gardens, offering environmentally focused science programs in schools, and running health and nutrition programs through the Decatur Housing Authority.

Subaru of America Foundation grant supports the Wylde Center.

“I’ve always known that Subaru has an environmental focus," says Van Parys, who previously worked at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, where Subaru donated an Outback to use for conservation research programs.

The grant, says Van Parys, will allow staff to bring the Wylde Center’s programs into schools that can’t pay for them on their regular budgets, as well as for cooking materials and garden supplies.

“We’re pretty excited,” she says.

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