There’s No Place Like Home


American Ninja Warrior Winner Isaac Caldiero Sticks to the Essentials – Like his Subaru Outback

Subaru owner Isaac Caldiero has a very short list of what he considers “essentials”: his girlfriend and fellow Ninja Warrior competitor Laura Kisana, the freedom to pursue his passion for rock climbing, his Labrador-mix dog Sage, his 2007 Outback, and … well, that’s about it, really. 

On September 14, 2015, Caldiero won $1 million as the first winner of the popular American Ninja Warrior competition with an amazing display of agility and mental focus. 

He celebrated his winnings by paying off the loan on his beloved 2007 Outback. His attachment is understandable, given that it has not only been his vehicle for eight years, but also his rolling home. 

It’s perfect for hauling my climbing gear and camping equipment.

Over the years, he has mastered the art of living out of his vehicle, even learning to do his own maintenance. He put 300,000 miles on his first Subaru, then drove a 1990 Legacy for several years before buying his current home – uh, vehicle. As of this writing, Caldiero, his girlfriend, and Sage are still living “Outback,” so to speak, and he is staying true to the simple values that made him a champion. Having won it all once, does he want to attempt the impossible again? “American Ninja Warrior would love for me to come back and compete again!” he confirms. “Also, I would love to compete on the original course back in Japan.”