Bigger Fish to Fry


I have lived and worked at my family’s fishing resort on Pelican Lake in Orr, Minnesota, every summer my whole life. This past winter was my 30th birthday and I decided to pack everything I needed into my Outback and head South and West in search of warmer pastures!

Through a friend, I found housing and employment near Tucson, Arizona, where I stayed for the winter. The plan was to then spend a month on the road driving back to Minnesota. 

After driving with my friend to San Diego, I headed solo up the coast of California, destined for Seattle, and then east for home. Over the next several weeks, I saw the massive redwood trees in Big Sur, caught my first frothy wave surfing in Santa Cruz and biked the peaceful mountains in Redding. 

My Subaru was the perfect vehicle for the trek. Nothing went wrong the whole trip (other than the odometer being much higher now). 

Ross Coyer
Pelican Lake, Minnesota