Rocky Mountain Climber


In August 2015, I finally managed to make a long-anticipated tent camping expedition from Texas to Colorado with my beloved 2009 Outback 2.5XT Limited. Together we enjoyed three weeks of high-altitude adventures, including ascending Pikes Peak (14,115 feet) as well as many high mountain passes, the highest of which was Cottonwood Pass (12,126 feet) on the Continental Divide.

The greatest test of the vehicle’s turbocharged power, traction and 8.7-inch ground clearance was traversing Ophir Pass (11,789 feet) between Telluride and Silverton. It's a narrow, steep, rocky, 19th-century mining road, built for ore-hauling mules, that is open to unlicensed off-road vehicles. 

When we reached Silverton, we found that there were plenty of other Subaru vehicles and their owners there as well.

Howard Donnell
Elgin, Texas