Yukon? You Can.


Our trip to Alaska in our Subaru lasted 72 days, covered a total of 17,203 miles in 14 states and 3 Canadian provinces.

Why Alaska? Having retired in 2014, my wife and I figured what better place to visit than our 49th state. Our transportation was our 2016 4-cylinder Subaru Outback. I hitched up my 13-foot trailer – a totally self-contained RV – and off we headed. One of our main goals for this trip, in addition to seeing our magnificent country, was to visit as many national parks as possible. On this trip we visited 52 national parks, bringing our total to 219 out of a possible 413. 

To those of you who are thinking about going to Alaska and wondering, “Can I drive it?” I say, “Sure you can.” We managed fine with a 2016 Subaru and we had the adventure of a lifetime. Do your research, plan well, build in flexibility and then execute your plan.

Don Gardner
Lenoir, North Carolina