Alone Again, Naturally


My wife and I love to visit the Four Corners area, particularly in October. We go to places most folks don't, and our Subaru Outback (2013 H6) makes this not only possible but comfortable. On this trip, we towed our camper, which is a 13-footer that weighs 1,000 pounds.

We started in the Sierras in California at a trailhead at 10,000 feet. From there we went to Capitol Reef National Park, then to Escalante, Utah, down a dirt road along the straight cliffs and onto an even rougher road that we followed for quite a distance. We finally pulled off into a starry campsite, where we saw no one.  

From there it was on to Cedar Mesa toward Owl Creek and Fish Creek canyons. We camped at a small pull-out along this road. At each of these stops, as well as others, we backpacked or hiked. Thanks to the Outback, our trip was a success.

Mike Little
West Linn, Oregon