Special Delivery 


I’m a 22-year-old delivery driver/manager and I just got back from a solo road trip in my 2014 Subaru Impreza Sport Premium. I went from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to Badlands and Yellowstone national parks, Oregon, California, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado and back to Chicago.

Half my time was spent camping – by far the most beautiful part of the trip – and half in motels. I got up when I wanted, hiked where I wanted and ate where I wanted. And I saw stars I wouldn’t otherwise, living in a major city.

Now I have this amazing experience that will be with me for life, and I wouldn't have had the heart or courage to do it if I didn't have a Subaru. The AWD is fantastic, and the 5-Door had so much space in it, I didn't even need to use the roof rack! I'm very impressed with how it handled the trip, and I cannot recommend Subaru enough now. 

Robert Stevens
Arlington Heights, Illinois