The Key to Convenience 


Winter 2015

New Remote Services and Expanded Abilities Help You Close the Distance

At Subaru, one of the many ways we build our vehicles to fit your lifestyle is by making them more convenient to operate. Case in point: look no further than the 2016 Forester, Legacy, Outback, Crosstrek, and Impreza. Models enabled for SUBARU STARLINK Safety and Security Connected Services1 with available Remote Services allow you to remotely unlock or lock your car, activate the horn and lights, and locate your vehicle. 

Remote Vehicle Locator

Think about it: At some point we’ve all gone to the mall, airport, or movie megaplex only to forget where we parked. The old-school solution was to walk and walk until you found your car. Needless to say, Subaru has a better way.

SUBARU STARLINK Remote Horn & Lights

Remote Horn & Lights

What can be even more frustrating is when you think you remember where you parked. Wasn’t it Blue G19? Or was that last week? So you walk around with your key fob over your head, clicking away, hoping to get within range so you’ll finally see the flashing headlights. If you take advantage of the available STARLINK Safety Plus & Security Plus package, that scenario will be a thing of the past. 

Here’s the difference: Key fobs operate on radio frequencies, which is why you have to be within 30 yards for them to work. Remote Services, on the other hand, are activated via your vehicle’s connection to the STARLINK cellular network, so range is not an issue as long as you have cellular service.

SUBARU STARLINK Remote Lock/Unlock

Remote Lock/Unlock

STARLINK Remote Services also include a remote lock and unlock feature. This can be convenient for runners, hikers, and cyclists who know it can be a literal “pain” to carry keys during their outing. With Remote Services, all you need to bring is your smartphone, which you may already carry in an armband or pocket to have access to music and GPS. 

STARLINK seamlessly combines great entertainment options, impressive diagnostic features, easy connectivity, and vital safety and security features, all wrapped up in one powerful and user-friendly system. STARLINK – keeping you connected to your Subaru. 


Refer to or your local retailer for additional package information and pricing.

1 Activation and required subscription sold separately. Includes one-year trial subscription. See your retailer for details.