“Dadchelor” Party
at Mammoth Mountain


Winter 2017

We always look forward to our annual “Dadchelor” party. For the past two years, my workplace has had expecting fathers welcome their first baby during the winter season. And each year we pack my Subaru full of friends and head up to Mammoth Mountain to celebrate. This year it was my turn to be the new dad. The same group of friends and I headed up north. This time, though, our trip was during Mammoth’s snowiest month on record (January 2017 =  246 inches of snowfall). Our trek up U.S. Route 395 was met with overturned trucks and snow as far as the eye could see. We even had to book a last-minute hotel room in Bishop, because the Sonora Pass was closed due to a slide and poor visibility. The next day, we patiently waited at the base of the pass for it to open. This allowed for an impromptu snowball fight. Thankfully, I was able to hide behind my Outback during the bombardment. Eventually, the pass was opened and we made it to Mammoth safely. I have never seen that much snow lining the highway, though. Snow was piled higher than all the SUVs and trucks. I was definitely thankful we brought my Outback!

My wife and I welcomed my son the following month. And, when he was old enough, we made a trip in June to San Diego and Mammoth in our Outback. (I was surprised at how handy the rear seats can be as a changing table when folded down.) In Mammoth, we visited Twin Lakes, Mono Lake, June Lake and Convict Lake. We even made a short visit to Hot Creek. From snowboard gear to baby gear, I couldn’t think of a better car than my Outback.

This upcoming season, a new baby is expected in January. I can’t wait for another trip!

Jerome Caldito
Pasadena, California

View while driving the June Lake Loop in the eastern Sierra Nevada region.