Traveling Together, Alumni Style


Winter 2017

It’s easy to lose contact with friends after college, even if you have the best intentions. My group of college best friends and I came up with a solution: travel! Each year, we reconnect in January to pick a weekend in the spring or fall that we can all earmark to get away. Then, we pick a place we’ve never been. These trips have taken us to Seattle, Los Angeles and even South Bend, Indiana, where we made a weekend out of going to a Notre Dame football game. My favorite trip with the college crew was last spring, when we visited New Orleans. In just 72 hours, we had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten (po’ boys and beignets are serious business), made new friends on a steamboat ride along the Mississippi River, walked miles admiring the architecture in the French Quarter and beyond, and discovered an impromptu, free jazz concert in a tiny bar on Frenchmen Street. Having new experiences together helps our friendship continue to grow, rather than remain stuck in our college years — though we’re never against a good “Remember when …” story to bring up our best (or most embarrassing) college moments, either.

Marissa Conrad