That’s what we call our family road trips: “tripapalooza.” This time it was Memorial Day 2017 when we set out for Leavenworth, Washington. When we got to the summit of Snoqualmie Pass on I-90, I pulled over and let our 16-year-old student driver take the wheel for some highway driving experience. When we saw that the westbound traffic (heading back toward Seattle) was insane by midday, we decided that we did not want to be part of that later. So, we opted for the road less traveled and headed for the Yakima Cut at Ellensburg. Our boy took us all the way around and over White Pass and back up I-5 to home in Olympia. Well done, young driver. No, you can’t have Mamma’s beloved Subaru ... but, one day (soon) you can have one of your own.

John and Bobbi Haworth
Olympia, Washington