Subaru Was a Great Part of Our Phenomenal Adventure


Just thought Subaru might like to know how grateful we are to include our Subie as part of our family. We took more than 100 pictures with our Subie during our exploration of the great western United States.

Where do we begin? May 4, 2017, new 2017 Subaru 3.6R Outback, and an open road. That’s where we begin. Over one month, through nine of our western states, two countries, 18 national parks, one international park, eight national monuments, too many national forests and recreational areas to count and 9,921 miles, we love our Subie even more. The sights of the natural world, rural America, fantastic people and great connections were just the beginning of this never-ending story. Thank you, Subaru. With our extended history of owning Subaru vehicles, the fourth is proving to be even better. Subaru owners for LIFE.

Carter McBride and Patsy Sellars
Seattle, Washington